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Kauai | Travel Diaries

Every December we have this tradition of going to a different island of Hawaii. This time it just so happened to be Kauai. I get the travel bug looking at these photos. Below is what happens when you take a plane to Kauai and then some.

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Travel Diary | Rome, Athens and Ephesus, Part Two

Yes – I’ve done it!  I have finally been to Turkey, the place and not the bird. And I finally get to blog about the second leg of our cruise around Europe from back in July. Sticking my neck off our cruise cabin’s balcony to feel the salty breeze off the coast of Chania, Crete blowing in my hair, thousands of years worth of ruins in Athens, a road made of solid marble in Ephesus, the freshest greek salad and the most fragrant gyros in Turkey were just a few of the savory morsels I can treasure in addition to these sweet photographic memories. Enjoy!

Athens, Greece

The Parthenon @ the Acropolis

First real taste of Greek cuisine – gyros and Greek Salad, which has been one of my all time favorite salads.

Chania, Crete

Pisa, Italy

Florence, Italy

Travel Diary | Rome, Athens and Ephesus, Part One

Back in July Robbie had the unforgettable experience of traveling to Rome, Athens and Ephesus all in the span of two weeks. Here is a little bit of the essence of our travels, part one. The below chronicle our time in Rome and the beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy. Stay tuned for Part 2 is coming very soon.

Spanish Steps

The Pantheon

The Vatican, St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter’s Square

Messina, Sicily

Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Kusadasi Port, Turkey

Ephesus – The streets were made of marble.

The library and ancient theatre in Ephesus

Ruins of St. John’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Home and the Wailing Wall.

At the Turkish rug shop.


Travel Diary | Phuket, Thailand, Part Deux

So I am finally getting these Phuket photos out of the coop two years later from our original trip’s date. I am a stickler for organization so I couldn’t get past posting this summer’s Italy photos before getting these out (more on those to come in the next few weeks!) If you’re here for the people pictures, fear not, I have an engagement session, a family session (grab me now while my schedule is still free to get your Christmas photos!), and a gorgeous rustic Fillmore wedding lined up in the next few weeks!

Two years and 27 days ago we set off for Thailand on a 14 day adventure to celebrate our honeymoon on different soil. Instead of Europe, we chose Asia because of our love for the southeast. Highlights from Part Deux of the trip include the Phi Phi Islands, Phang Gna Bay and a floating Muslim fishing village which was featured two seasons ago on a Robbie and Maritha favorite, The Amazing Race. To get around to the bay, we had to hire a local fisherman to give us a grand tour on his long-tailed boat. Though the day out on the water of Phang Gna bay was slightly cloudy and overcast, I just still can’t believe a lot of things like… how beautiful the water was, that I was really there, and that I got to swim in the Andaman sea! Part Deux of our travelling adventures off the Andaman coast ensue…

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Out and About

I am currently out and about having a feast for the eyes in Europe…Italy to be exact. This morning I awoke at 2am to the unforgettable noise of a 15-20 car Italian wedding caravan honking like there was no tomorrow outside of the Rome Cavalieri…not to mention the room across from us ended up being their honeymoon suite, so you can imagine all of the hullaballoo outside of our door. It’s local tradition in Italy for the bride and groom to be followed back to their honeymoon suite in like fashion, but unfortunately for me I did not bring earplugs like Robbie so wisely did. (He’s still asleep!) Most people know that I am the better sleeper of the two of us (I can fall asleep at pretty much any time of the day), so for me to be the one awake is an irritating miracle – ha!  My medicine? Elizabeth Bedford’s voice, worship, a good view of Rome, and photo editing land…It’s around 6AM and since I couldn’t go back to sleep I just wanted to share a piece of my medicine from the jetlag – one of my favorites. One taken from our room’s balcony this morning, the other taken while taking a stop at the best (no lie) gelato place in Rome yesterday, the La Gelateria Frigidarium.

….beautiful Italian windows aren’t they? Off to Greece and Turkey next. I shall be back soon to share the goods! Now to see if I can get the husband out of bed for 7AM break-y hehe…