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Mack and Della | Miramar, CA

October 30, 2010, San Diego, California Wedding – Della had been keeping her eye on my photography work for awhile and when she got engaged, it was only natural for her to ask if I would do the honors of being her and Mack’s photographer. Being my first wedding I had ever taken photos of…it was a complete honor. It was also my very first Taiwanese wedding! Taiwanese take much pride in their culture and she definitely did it the traditional way…two dresses and a tea ceremony, which was by all means beautiful. This San Diego wedding was different from most I have ever gone to. Simple and sweet in the most beautiful way. It’s Taiwanese culture for the groom to escort the bride to the wedding, and that’s exactly what Mack did – very proudly! They got married in a Chinese Lutheran church and I love that she waited in the Sunday School classroom until it was time to enter for the ceremony.

What gets me is the simplicity of this couple…though they don’t boast of having a lot, their inward joy and giggles still ring through my ears today. They are probably two of the happiest people I have ever met. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

Mack escorting his beautiful bride to the wedding ceremony.

I love that she is taken care of with last minute preparations in the Sunday School room.

Some of my favorite intimate moments of the day! After the bride is done

And now for part two of the celebrations – the tea ceremony with the traditional Qi Pao elaborately embroidered red dress…just elegant!

The tea ceremony and red envelopes.

To end the special day we went and took a sunset photoshoot in La Jolla..