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Hard Rock Cafe Inspired Rockabilly Shoot, Part 1 | Orange County Lifestyle Photography

Last month I had the really awesome opportunity of shooting at a shootout with about 40 other photographers under the leadership of Matthew SavilleJessica Elizabeth and Robert TranPaul SchaeferKaylee Sizemore, and Hanssie Trainor at a Hard Rock Cafe inspired 70’s Pin-Up photoshoot with five models in Orange County. Biker babes, tattoos, motorcycles and classic cars…the whole shebang. From the street, this yard of rich heritage could hardly have been noticed. The owners’ hobby? You guessed right. Collecting rusty old facades, classic cars, trailers and nicknacks in their backyard. As a result, we had way too many fun nooks to count. Tina Burns was the first up and a true beauty. Thanks to our talented make-up artists Jennette Pulecio (lead MUA) and Denise Marquez. For the period hair styling we had Shyan Bailey (lead hair stylist), David LiraJade Gallo, and Jaime Castillo. And of course the shoot’s styling was done by the beautiful Kaylee Sizemore of The Tangled Vine who kindly donated the awesome clothing and accessories.The light was a bit harsh but definitely provided a paradise to really get my harsh lighting skills down good. Enjoy the eye candy!

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