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Diaries of Nepal 09 // Gloria Deo

It’s impossible to stay in Nepal without going to a concert. Christmas well spent here meant going to one. Photos above feature… Hephzebah and Benny Prasad. Thanks for an amazing time.

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Diaries of Nepal 08 // Rice Harvesting in Kaskikot, Nepal

Last month, during the Nepali month of Kartik, my adventures took me to experience the simplicity of Himalayan village life in a beautiful village hidden in the mountains of Pokhara. There in Kaskikot I was able to capture a slice of rice harvesting season in so many unimaginable ways…through friendship, sights, sounds, delicious local food and much more. These people live a simple life off the land (and not because it’s some trendy rebellion against consumerist culture). After trekking 5 hours we were rewarded by this rich culture and our friend Mohan Ji’s family’s warm hospitality.

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David & Padma | Nepali Wedding in Pokhara

I love discovering new cultures, immersing myself into them, capturing them, and even showcasing them in my work.  While my journey here in Nepal has only just begun, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d have the opportunity of shooting my first Nepali wedding here as well. As much as I love my own culture, it’s a refreshing experience to be able to capture weddings from a totally different lens than the American one. David & Padma’s marriage was an arranged marriage, but definitely not without the love piece of the pie. Their beautiful day was marked by much traditional dance, a scarf ceremony, generations of family and friends, joy and love.

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