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Diaries of Nepal // Lekhnath, Nepal

Since moving to Nepal I’ve learned the real meaning of community, and actually know what a sickle is now. Cheers to Ojha family. Beautiful people.

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Sangita and Pramod // Nepali Wedding in Kathmandu

Even though it’s winter time here, it’s also wedding season here in Nepal. That means loud bands playing traditional Nepali wedding music are not an uncommon sight.

I recently had the special opportunity of photographing a couple named Sangita and Pramod. As is the custom, their marriage was also an arranged marriage but this time it was between two Brahman families. Sangita and Pramod’s wedding happened in a beautiful, story-like village called Cabre, just a short drive from the city and the village Sangita has lived in. Fields and fields of mustard flowers can be seen all around.  Their day was full of colors, festivity, feasting, dancing and traditional Nepali music and more.

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Diaries of Nepal 11 // Nagdaha Village, Nepal

Nagdaha Village is an exquisite treasure hidden in the valley of Kathmandu. While visiting a special family here, I had a chance to capture bamboo swinging time. Each autumn during rice harvesting season the strongest, most fearless men in each village set out to build these bamboo swings for their village members and children to enjoy during Dasai and Tihar festivals by climbing to the top of a bamboo branch and fasting four heads together. The result is a marvelously fun, swing made in eastern fashion.

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Maya Designs // Pokhara, Nepal

In the wee crack of dawn, few people roam the streets of Ranipauwa. Housewives sweep their homes as fathers and children remain asleep, stray dogs bark like no other and cocks crow to wake the day. During my recent November stay in Pokhara, I had the awesome chance one early morning to shoot photos for my friend Shonnie and her recently launched jewelry and accessories website, Maya Designs (in Nepali, “Love Designs”). Funds are dedicated towards the lives of exploited Nepali women to help them rise above poverty. I had an amazing time capturing some of the winter best from their fresh hand-made designs.

Shonnie is probably one of the coolest, most courageous women I have ever met. Our meeting was almost pure happenstance and the shoot one of my richest in recent memory. Maya Designs’ Nepali made goods available at www.mayaministries.com.au.

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Diaries of Nepal 10 // Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, some things are a little different and some things never do change. A few months ago, various circumstances brought me to a few memorable places around Kathmandu Valley among them Machapucha Village, Koteshor, and New Road.  I am so grateful for the experiences, and am changed for the better.

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