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2014: Our Year in Review

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting lately, new year and all. I usually spend quite a bit of time remembering my experiences, especially through photos. What was I doing last year this time? What about 6 months ago? Have I grown – or stayed the same? Do I see the same – or differently? (Literally..more on this in another post!) It helps me process my surroundings so I think on a deeper level about the things I’ve experienced throughout the year. It also helps me develop my creative process further; where I’ve come from to help me determine where I’m going.  This weekend I took the reflecting up a notch and decided to feature 100 of my favorite photos from our 1 year adventure to Nepal, India, Myanmar and back. The rule was that they all had to come from my iPhone – nothing more, nothing less. I will never ever forget the people we met and the countries we visited. Thanks for following. And cheers to new adventures in 2015!

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