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Tanya | Los Angeles Bridal Photography

I’m finally posting the final Part 5 of the bridal themed shootout as promised, which was my first glimpse at Moroccan charm. I was apart of a recent shootout of about 40 photographers rotating in groups of 7 or 8 as we photographed about 5 models posing as brides. This was a really great experience being challenged to direct in an environment with tight time constraints and squeezing among others to get my shot in. We had Tanya modeling for us as our Moroccan bride. Tanya had a beautiful grace about her and though I caught her at the very end of the day I was able to capture some of these keepers. I love being surprised over and over again at the beautiful shots that are unveiled during post processing time. As the shadows were dancing away while I took these, I was able to capture the light bouncing off of her hair and the last few lingering sun rays of the southern california air filtering into my lens. Pure beauty.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back next week for my first newborn session!! :-)