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They’ve Arrived! Take A Peek.

Even my business cards get a personalized photoshoot dedicated precisely to them. When I asked myself what would the most ideal Maritha Mae Photography business card look like…all I could think of was something that felt real, looked honest and seemed raw. No gloss, fancy lights or action, just plain high quality matte paper with a sturdiness beyond rival.

Well, wadaya know, out came these fine Luxe Quadplex babies delivered to my doorstep with Mohawk superfine paper at three times the thickness of any ordinary business card sandwiching black in the middle.  Yes please.

Just so you know, when my real babies actually come, they will totally be getting their own photoshoots too. heh heh.

Gorgeous little thangs, ain’t they? Had to show off that ring now didn’t I?! Bling bling.