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Anne & Peter | Kenyan Engagement in Griffith Park, Los Angeles

One of the things I love about photography is my connection to the cultures I photograph. As you all know, much of my business is based off of the recommendation of friends, so when Juniah recommended my work to these two lovebirds in the form of a gift certificate – MMP’s first ever, as a wedding present to them, I was totally ecstatic. Peter and Anne are soon to be wed next month in Kenya. Being that they live in the Glendale area, I decided to take them for a little fun in their neck of the woods, Griffith Park. I love that Anne wore a beautiful, vibrant green, traditional Kenyan sarong. It suits her well, doesn’t it?

Because I’m not one to be satisfied with mediocrity, for awhile now I’ve been wrestling inwardly with my photographic voice to find a style that truly represents me as an artist and the people I capture behind camera.  After hours in the darkroom struggling with what I felt right on print, I am finally leaving a session finished and posted with the satisfaction that I’ve gotten one step closer to that “voice”. Here’s to my first “Kenyan” engagement!

Congratulations Peter and Anne to your upcoming wedding on October 6! May your marriage be filled with joy overflowing.

PS In case you’re interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a friend who’s engaged – e-mail me today to get hooked up.