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Ezra // Baby Shower

So. I’m a sucker for details. I like to think that if I could ever manage to have an 8th full-time job, (or an 8th brain) it would probably be event designing…(That comes after being a wife, an e-commerce professional, a photographer, a language learner, a mentor, a chef, and a mother (which we haven’t gotten to yet). Do the math and the odds become zero to none.)

Back in April, my friend Shannon so kindly asked me to be a part of the memory keeping of the baby shower she was about to put on for her sister, Kassie, who is soon expecting a boy named Ezra. I was able to partner up with the lovely Megan of Hello, Golden events to capture these sweet details…which were so perfect and dreamy. In addition to all the fun, my favorite part was the DIY alphabet book made with a whole lotta love by all of mommy’s close ones. Kassie is such an endearing person…to see her get blessed by so many family and friends made me giddy inside. Now, I’m excited to have my own baby shower..possibly even more than I am about having a baby. I’m kidding. Check out the frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails…Invitations & graphic design by the talented Colin Snow.

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