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Pasadena Maternity Shoot | Juniah

When I was asked to do this photo shoot I was really happy to say yes. I planned for a month to figure out where would be the best place to do it with me being new to L.A. and all. I really wasn’t going for the whole park and tree thing with this particular shoot. I was going for the nature look but these locations just kind of ‘happened’ and the photos turned into something I’ll say are pretty magnificent. That’s one thing I seem to have always loved about photography: things never go as planned. The element of uncertainty never gets tiring.

Juniah is a Kenyan friend of mine from work who knew me from the day I started and was a fan of mine. There are two things to know about Juniah: 1) She’s got mad lib and will probably beat you in any argument and 2) she knows how to have a good time. Lately it’s been bothering me that she’s been going through a few personal hardships lately so finally getting to take her out and make the professional photography thing happen for her was such an honor. She specifically waited until just a few weeks before she was due to ensure she was at her height of abdominal beauty to make this happen. She also decided to wear her tribal sarongs, a memento of her heritage. Beautiful.

Her recent story is a beautiful one.

A single mother-to-be due to aforementioned health complications, she had no other choice but to undergo In Vitro several months ago. In just a few weeks from now she will be expecting a beautiful baby girl who she’s already named Taylor – purposely a unisex name!  I can’t be more excited for this new joy coming out into her life.

Thank you so much Juniah for having me shoot your maternity photos. Like usual – it was way too hard for me to pick the good ones – there were too many. I can’t wait to shoot the newborns! Props to Reyna Ramli for being MUA and head clothing selector.

I love that second to last one!

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