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Aida + Ian // Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding, Anaheim, CA

Okay, I have the best brides & grooms ever. In fact, I have the best looking brides & grooms ever. In life there’s a first for everything, a first kiss, a first date, or a first look…This time happened to be my first Turkish-American wedding featuring a beautiful couple…meet Aida and Ian. Aida is an unabashedly loud, care-free, selfless, outside-the-box, free spirit who also happens to be my dear college housemate. Ian is her thoughtful, expressive, and musical other half pursuing his PhD in Studies Composition at Harvard. Suffice it to say that experiencing Aida’s & Ian’s family culture at the wedding was other-than. It left me dumbfounded witnessing them in their environment, the processional, their vows, personal anecdotes, the strong family love, and of course, the memorable punk rock infused ethnic Turkish dancing.

My favorite memory of the day was watching Aida walk down the aisle with her mother to the sound of wine glasses ringing in the summery Socal breeze, the most beautiful and unforgettable processional song ever..a piece created by none other than Aida, herself. Aida and Ian, thank you for having me along. You are good people. You are beautiful people. And, a huge thank you to Christina for your amazing friendship and support this day!

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