Romin & Naomi | La Jolla Engagement Session

I am proud to release the photos of my second engagement session of the year. I couldn’t wait to post these! And, yes I do travel in case you’re wondering. Last month I hopped in my car and drove down to San Diego see these two cool cats.

Romin and Naomi are an extremely fun duo with a passion for people and permanent smile lines across their faces to prove it. Their love for each other is so evident and I was giddy to get to capture their love. Their huge hearts for people are undeniable and when hearts like these collide, their love for each other totally explodes like fabulous roman candles. I love that their fun loving and unabashedly cute personalities show through the photographs taken below.¬†After getting a glimpse of this wall in the preceding weeks, the mosaic wall was Romin’s idea to shoot at. Coincidentally their colorful personalities blend well. Fun masks and paper bouquet were compliments of Naomi.

I could not help myself from smiling behind the camera pretty much the entire time as I stood there observing and shooting. I really didn’t have to tell them to do a lot. I suppose I tend to shoot the naturals. : )

Thank you so much to the talented April Brown for second shooting with me!

P.S. I could not get enough of these photos as I was editing them. Enjoy and pass on the love!


I love this top right image April took.

Top left image thanks to April!

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