Romin and Naomi | Wedding at La Jolla Presbyterian Church

I love that my weddings keep getting more and more global as I keep going down this windy adventure of finding out who I was created to be behind a lens. Romin’s Persian roots and Naomi’s mix of Caucasian, Mexican and Native American blood is going to blend together to make some cute kids for sure.

It’s not all too often a couple can say they met at a Christmas party and a short while later were writing the pages of a serious love story that would one day result in marriage. Well it actually happened for Naomi and Romin, who made a Christmas party called “Bringing Sexy Back” their first meeting. Both knew right away their newfound connection was going to go somewhere. And, after months of connecting on several levels including life and faith in God, Romin made a romantic, well planned out proposal in Mexico ending in dinner with his family.  Go Romin!

I love that they made it their personal preference for wedding gifts to be made out to various support organizations they have been involved in that do justice and love people in need including prostitutes in Tijuana, orphans in the Dominican Republic / Uganda, and inner city youth in San Diego. Naomi and Romin are possibly two of the biggest hearts and personalities I know.

Located in the heart of Downtown La Jolla, their wedding and reception took place at the gorgeous 112-year-old venue, La Jolla Presbyterian Church. The day was something else and I was so happy to see it fun-filled with all of their closest family and friends. Naomi & Romin – I am so excited for your lives together!

A huge thank you to my awesome second shooter and friend, Christina Cho, for her wonderful support and talented skills that helped make this day happen!


Romin and Naomi Wedding

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