Jen + Mike // Laguna Hills, CA Wedding

As this summer draws to a close, I realize it’s been much more of a summer of love than others in times past…in other words, I’ve never been to this many weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties of close friends and loved ones in my life! So, without much further ado…I’m very proud to share this post with you for a couple of reasons: 1) Because it features one of my most cherished friends since college days (9 years in the making!), and 2) because Jen and Mike look so darn cute together.

I’ve known Jen for 9 years…she was the first person I met in college, the first person I went to a college party with, and the last housemate I’ve hugged since. Jen has been such an instrumental part of my life over the years so to be asked to be a part of this wedding in such an intricate way meant so much. The day was filled with so much of the best…Jen’s favorite band the Pawnshop Kings, Mike’s dog Maggie as ring bearer, the best of family and friends, much joy, many emotions, and lots of hot love. I am beyond overjoyed that they get to have one another. Thank you Christina and Britty for your amazing support, help and eye this day!

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Tiffany // North Hollywood, CA


Tiffany Tram is many things…a dancer, an art school counselor and a creative personality…also known as the extremely gifted floral talent behind my eco-chic engagement shoot from back in April. She is beautiful, poised, kind, and humble with a passion for change. My first introduction to her work was at Brandon & Erica’s beautiful wedding last year. Getting to catch up with this girl and capture some of her best qualities was such a treat. Enjoy.

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Aida + Ian // Oak Canyon Nature Center Wedding, Anaheim, CA

Okay, I have the best brides & grooms ever. In fact, I have the best looking brides & grooms ever. In life there’s a first for everything, a first kiss, a first date, or a first look…This time happened to be my first Turkish-American wedding featuring a beautiful couple…meet Aida and Ian. Aida is an unabashedly loud, care-free, selfless, outside-the-box, free spirit who also happens to be my dear college housemate. Ian is her thoughtful, expressive, and musical other half pursuing his PhD in Studies Composition at Harvard. Suffice it to say that experiencing Aida’s & Ian’s family culture at the wedding was other-than. It left me dumbfounded witnessing them in their environment, the processional, their vows, personal anecdotes, the strong family love, and of course, the memorable punk rock infused ethnic Turkish dancing.

My favorite memory of the day was watching Aida walk down the aisle with her mother to the sound of wine glasses ringing in the summery Socal breeze, the most beautiful and unforgettable processional song ever..a piece created by none other than Aida, herself. Aida and Ian, thank you for having me along. You are good people. You are beautiful people. And, a huge thank you to Christina for your amazing friendship and support this day!

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Esther + Phil // South Pasadena, CA Engagement


Phil and Esther know how to love deeply, think meaningfully and laugh much. They are the key to each others lock and the apple to each other’s pie. You can’t help but notice their genuine interest for others, their passion for change, the thought provoking questions they ask and the love they show for others. To see them together was a no-brainer.

The minute Esther smiles she lights up a room, her laugh cracks the stoniest of hearts, and Phil jokes like there’s no tomorrow. When you are with Esther and Phil, they make you feel like the most amazing person in the world. Honestly, the kind of friends who add value to those around them.

Phil proposed to Esther one beautiful evening in July, a week after she returned from an incredible two month trip to Uganda. After taking her through a scavenger hunt featuring some of the most meaningful people and places in their lives, he finally dropped the question.

Esther and Phil are two very beautiful people about to be joined in marriage this December…I am beyond excited for you two. Thank you for having me along to capture your beautiful love for each other!

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Jen // Tropical Inspired Bridal Shower, Huntington Beach, CA

Jen is one of my dearest friends from college. In two days she is getting married.  Jen’s tropical-inspired bridal shower for was full of precious details outlining the colors in coral and turquoise, to represent Jen’s love for the beach, and tropical things. Her personality and infectious laughter are as vibrant as all of the details below. It was so beautiful seeing how much overwhelming love and support went into making all the details of this shower. My favorite parts were the pin the moustache on Mike’s face, making puppets of Jen + Mike’s babies, plus that oh-so-delicious fruit tart.

The day I moved into my college dorms freshman year Jen and I became fast friends. Like me, she liked to challenge things, wear board shorts, attempt to surf, listen to my kind of music, get analytical, be meaningful, love others, think smart, go on adventures and so much more. My kinda girl. Fast forward 5 years later and she is getting married to an amazing man who adores her more than I have ever seen any man adore her before.  I couldn’t be any happier. Congratulations you two. Here’s to many more !


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