Azusa, CA

When in Azusa. Say goodbye summer, and hello winter.

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California Coast Roadtrip // Travel Diaries

Just a drive up the California coast over July 4 weekend. Santa Barbara, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, Tiburon and Sebastopol here we come.

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Alyson // San Diego, CA Summer Bachelorette Party

My friends are a bunch of creative, warm-hearted, crazy yet simple girls who know how to make ends meet and laugh in the face of uncertainty. Despite a few setbacks we were determined to celebrate Alyson’s last few days of being a single lady, even if we had to drive down to San Diego to celebrate in her bedroom. 5 of us made it our mission to surprise her in a simple yet meaningful bachelorette and dinner party.  The night ended up being a kiss from heaven for our sweet friend. We hired a personal chef to cook us up the most delicious meal ever that I still have dreams about at night. The meal was replete with curried chicken and endives, chili shrimp, sauteed asparagus, skirt steak, and more and the night? Let’s just say was full of laughter, mirth, and tears. Everything from the gluten-free cupcakes and pastries to the lingerie cupcake toppers, to the bunting and chalkboard letters were either made or personally contributed by one of the girls.

Personal Chef: Timothy Deaton / Cupcakes: Wholefoods / Baked Goods: Michelle Anderson / Bunting: Erika Faye / China plates: Judy Sluyter / Decor: Maritha Sears & Erika Faye / Cupcake Toppers: Pinterest

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Diaries of Nepal 01

We really did it. Packed our bags, left our jobs, our cars, families, friends, pretty much everything and moved to Nepal with 4 suitcases for 9 months to give our lives to this country…a country where the average per capita income is US $1,137 per year, a dozen eggs costs $1, and a 1 person bus ride is less than $.15.

It’s not often I get to live out a “dream” (literally), move someplace else, and start life all over again. We are beyond ecstatic to be here, full of life, yet we are totally inadequate, and entirely humbled to have this opportunity to experience a new life all over again. Rich landscapes of barley and corn..the taste of fresh samosas, the sound of monsoon rains, clean laundry blowing atop Kathmandu rooftops, a wisp of burning trash, cows grazing in the field, no-rule roads, and so much more.

Already we’ve experienced so much yet so little. Hello, Nepal. Here’s to our first 2.5 weeks.

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Jen + Mike // Laguna Hills, CA Wedding

As this summer draws to a close, I realize it’s been much more of a summer of love than others in times past…in other words, I’ve never been to this many weddings, bridal showers and bachelorette parties of close friends and loved ones in my life! So, without much further ado…I’m very proud to share this post with you for a couple of reasons: 1) Because it features one of my most cherished friends since college days (9 years in the making!), and 2) because Jen and Mike look so darn cute together.

I’ve known Jen for 9 years…she was the first person I met in college, the first person I went to a college party with, and the last housemate I’ve hugged since. Jen has been such an instrumental part of my life over the years so to be asked to be a part of this wedding in such an intricate way meant so much. The day was filled with so much of the best…Jen’s favorite band the Pawnshop Kings, Mike’s dog Maggie as ring bearer, the best of family and friends, much joy, many emotions, and lots of hot love. I am beyond overjoyed that they get to have one another. Thank you Christina and Britty for your amazing support, help and eye this day!

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