Jeremiah // Kathmandu, Nepal

Jeremiah is a dynamic freelance graphic designer hailing from Ohio now living in Kathmandu. I love that he gets the opportunity to work with an organization that helps children who have been victims of sex trafficking in this region. I was so honored our paths crossed and even more delighted to be asked to capture his portraits. Thank you Jeremiah for having me along!

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Diaries of Nepal 13 // Dancing with the Lights

In Nepal there’s about a hundred festivals throughout the year, but there’s one festival called “Tihar”. It’s basically a festival of lights and children go from house to house to dance in exchange for money. (Kind of like the Nepali equivalent of Halloween and Christmas). Back in November I had the amazing opportunity of capturing some of my neighborhood friends do their thing. So much thought and pride is put into what they put out. They plan their performances and traditional dress for weeks in advance. Whatever money they earn as a group is split equally among them to use as extra pocket money.

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Maya Designs 02 // Kathmandu, Nepal

Maya Designs upcoming Look Book.

All hats hand knit with love by a local Nepali artisan. Proceeds go towards the lives of at-risk, disadvantaged, or exploited women.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Goods available here:


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Diaries of Nepal // Lekhnath, Nepal

Since moving to Nepal I’ve learned the real meaning of community, and actually know what a sickle is now. Cheers to Ojha family. Beautiful people.

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Portraits of Biveck

I’ve been on a photographic journey while here in Nepal and it looks like the people portraits are here to stay. Each time I’m drawn right back to portraiture no matter how much I want to swing into landscapes. I feel like I should start a series on portraits on young people. I love the personality they show in their choice of clothes, and their boldness and overall ease in front of cameras.  There’s something to be said of each one, because each person has their own personality. I met Biveck a few months ago over Christmas and was honored to be able to capture him at this single moment in time. Thanks for having me Biveck!

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