Diaries of Nepal 04 // Bhaktapur

Visiting Bhaktapur, home of the Newari people and the best yogurt of this land.

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Maritha Mae Photography Britty – Thanks girl!

Christina – It’s yogurt or curd as they call it:-) They traditionally serve it in a clay pot to soak out the liquid and it’s made locally it makes it taste even better..which is like a sweet and sour consistency. As for the guys they’re our friends who live in Kathmandu;-)

Britty The top row pic of the alley, the yogurt close up, and the pottery picture are my faves! Well done! :)

Christina ICE CREAM!?!?! How was it!!?!? Wow this post particulary draws me in to ask so many questions! What did the ice cream taste like? What were those pots for? What was robbie talking to the men about? Interesting how they have California apparel! What does it smell like?

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