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Mini Sessions in June


Hi guys! It’s been a long 9 months since we’ve left the states for the far away land of Nepal for a few personal projects of ours. It’s been good, it’s been hard, but mostly good and absolutely worth it. In fact, I would never trade the experience for a thing. I went to Nepal to get into new branches of work I haven’t gone into before without any promise of what would happen when I returned. Well, I’m returning in 5 days this June and hopefully, I won’t fall flat on my face.

This June I’ll be back with a boom to hit off the 2014 wedding season.

To celebrate, we’re doing a West Coast Mini tour where I’ll be throwing 30 minute mini-sessions up and down the California coast to see old friends and clients we’ve missed for the past year, and to visit the sights and sounds we’ve missed so much since we’ve been gone. We’ll be hitting up Irvine, Los Angeles and San Francisco for couples, singles and families. Plus, it’ll be a fun way to see you again!

What is a mini session? It’s a 30 minute photo session designed for couples, singles or families where I photograph you and you get to just smile and relax. Photos are delivered 2-3 weeks later on a disc for you to print out wherever you’d like.

Here is the June 2014 CA Road Trip Itinerary:

June 7-8: Bernal Heights, San Francisco

June 10: Lema Ranch, Redding, CA

June 13: Las Vegas, NV

June 14: Malibu Hills, Los Angeles

June 21: Quail Hill, Irvine

DETAILS: Each 30 minute mini session is $150.00- extra person charge after 5 people is $20.00 per person. A non-refundable payment in full is due to retain your space. Should it rain, boo! A make-up date will be scheduled.

Come join us in celebrating this joyous occasion! So who’s in?!? Email me at to reserve your spot today!

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Sangita and Pramod // Nepali Wedding in Kathmandu

Even though it’s winter time here, it’s also wedding season here in Nepal. That means loud bands playing traditional Nepali wedding music are not an uncommon sight.

I recently had the special opportunity of photographing a couple named Sangita and Pramod. As is the custom, their marriage was also an arranged marriage but this time it was between two Brahman families. Sangita and Pramod’s wedding happened in a beautiful, story-like village called Cabre, just a short drive from the city and the village Sangita has lived in. Fields and fields of mustard flowers can be seen all around.  Their day was full of colors, festivity, feasting, dancing and traditional Nepali music and more.

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David & Padma | Nepali Wedding in Pokhara

I love discovering new cultures, immersing myself into them, capturing them, and even showcasing them in my work.  While my journey here in Nepal has only just begun, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d have the opportunity of shooting my first Nepali wedding here as well. As much as I love my own culture, it’s a refreshing experience to be able to capture weddings from a totally different lens than the American one. David & Padma’s marriage was an arranged marriage, but definitely not without the love piece of the pie. Their beautiful day was marked by much traditional dance, a scarf ceremony, generations of family and friends, joy and love.

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Cat + Jon // Brookside Equestrian Wedding in Orange County, CA

I couldn’t help but share a few captures from Cat and Jon’s rustic equestrian wedding from back in May. Possibly one of my favorite venues to date, the day was full of so many perfect rustic details, feminine florals, DIY love and a stunning backdrop of whitewashed stables. 2nd shooting this equestrian rustic wedding with the amazing Crystal of Crystal Jean Photography was second to none. Thank you so much Crystal for having me along. Be sure to check out her beautiful work!

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Alyson + Jason // Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding in Newport Beach, CA

Back in August two of my favorite people, Alyson & Jason were married on a beautiful summery day in classic retro style with crazy roaring 20’s flare. Their wedding was inspired by none other than the Great Gatsby. Who knew such a perfect couple would be made out of a schoolteacher and a Christian rap artist? Huge shoutout to my girls Britty and Elim for your amazing support.