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California Coast Roadtrip // Travel Diaries

Just a drive up the California coast over July 4 weekend. Santa Barbara, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Monterey Bay, San Francisco, Tiburon and Sebastopol here we come.

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Diaries of Nepal 01

We really did it. Packed our bags, left our jobs, our cars, families, friends, pretty much everything and moved to Nepal with 4 suitcases for 9 months to give our lives to this country…a country where the average per capita income is US $1,137 per year, a dozen eggs costs $1, and a 1 person bus ride is less than $.15.

It’s not often I get to live out a “dream” (literally), move someplace else, and start life all over again. We are beyond ecstatic to be here, full of life, yet we are totally inadequate, and entirely humbled to have this opportunity to experience a new life all over again. Rich landscapes of barley and corn..the taste of fresh samosas, the sound of monsoon rains, clean laundry blowing atop Kathmandu rooftops, a wisp of burning trash, cows grazing in the field, no-rule roads, and so much more.

Already we’ve experienced so much yet so little. Hello, Nepal. Here’s to our first 2.5 weeks.

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Kauai | Travel Diaries

Every December we have this tradition of going to a different island of Hawaii. This time it just so happened to be Kauai. I get the travel bug looking at these photos. Below is what happens when you take a plane to Kauai and then some.

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La Jolla Bed & Breakfast | La Jolla, CA Anniversary Getaway

Robbie’s parents have established the kindest tradition ever of treating us to an anniversary getaway each year.  For this year’s anniversary tradition destination we chose La Jolla. Since Robbie and I both run insanely busy schedules, New Year’s was the first free weekend where we had a chance to finally celebrate our anniversary in high fashion 6 months never-too-late. Oh, and we are totally the bed and breakfast type.

Travel Diary | Rome, Athens and Ephesus, Part Two

Yes – I’ve done it!  I have finally been to Turkey, the place and not the bird. And I finally get to blog about the second leg of our cruise around Europe from back in July. Sticking my neck off our cruise cabin’s balcony to feel the salty breeze off the coast of Chania, Crete blowing in my hair, thousands of years worth of ruins in Athens, a road made of solid marble in Ephesus, the freshest greek salad and the most fragrant gyros in Turkey were just a few of the savory morsels I can treasure in addition to these sweet photographic memories. Enjoy!

Athens, Greece

The Parthenon @ the Acropolis

First real taste of Greek cuisine – gyros and Greek Salad, which has been one of my all time favorite salads.

Chania, Crete

Pisa, Italy

Florence, Italy