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Diaries of Nepal 10 // Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, some things are a little different and some things never do change. A few months ago, various circumstances brought me to a few memorable places around Kathmandu Valley among them Machapucha Village, Koteshor, and New Road.  I am so grateful for the experiences, and am changed for the better.

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Diaries of Nepal 09 // Gloria Deo

It’s impossible to stay in Nepal without going to a concert. Christmas well spent here meant going to one. Photos above feature… Hephzebah and Benny Prasad. Thanks for an amazing time.

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Diaries of Nepal 08 // Rice Harvesting in Kaskikot, Nepal

Last month, during the Nepali month of Kartik, my adventures took me to experience the simplicity of Himalayan village life in a beautiful village hidden in the mountains of Pokhara. There in Kaskikot I was able to capture a slice of rice harvesting season in so many unimaginable ways…through friendship, sights, sounds, delicious local food and much more. These people live a simple life off the land (and not because it’s some trendy rebellion against consumerist culture). After trekking 5 hours we were rewarded by this rich culture and our friend Mohan Ji’s family’s warm hospitality.

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David & Padma | Nepali Wedding in Pokhara

I love discovering new cultures, immersing myself into them, capturing them, and even showcasing them in my work.  While my journey here in Nepal has only just begun, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d have the opportunity of shooting my first Nepali wedding here as well. As much as I love my own culture, it’s a refreshing experience to be able to capture weddings from a totally different lens than the American one. David & Padma’s marriage was an arranged marriage, but definitely not without the love piece of the pie. Their beautiful day was marked by much traditional dance, a scarf ceremony, generations of family and friends, joy and love.

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Diaries of Nepal 07 // Hannah

Hannah works with a group of women intent on bringing social change to the lives of those who have been exploited  by the sex trade in Nepal. Hannah represents so much hope for this generation and is dedicated to releasing freedom, life, and healing for the oppressed.

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