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La Jolla Bed & Breakfast | La Jolla, CA Anniversary Getaway

Robbie’s parents have established the kindest tradition ever of treating us to an anniversary getaway each year.  For this year’s anniversary tradition destination we chose La Jolla. Since Robbie and I both run insanely busy schedules, New Year’s was the first free weekend where we had a chance to finally celebrate our anniversary in high fashion 6 months never-too-late. Oh, and we are totally the bed and breakfast type.

2012 On Instagram

Last January I obtained a brand new camera phone for Christmas, an iPhone 4s to be exact. It wasn’t exactly something I’d call “necessary” , or even something on my wish list at all because I knew how much time it would start taking from me, but how could I resist? (That was also what I said to Facebook after deleting it 5 times) I was right after all…it’s been its own little time absorber ever since and has adopted itself into the family as “MSizzle’s iPhone”. Even so, there is one thing I like to use this handy device for and that’s to keep a journal in photos of things I’ve done and places I’ve seen keeping art and composition in mind. This year I wanted to do a compilation of photos I took throughout 2012 with my little toy phone as a part of my grateful journal to reminisce. It’s been a good year….from Los Angeles to Rome and back. Enjoy these 52 photos!


They’ve Arrived! Take A Peek.

Even my business cards get a personalized photoshoot dedicated precisely to them. When I asked myself what would the most ideal Maritha Mae Photography business card look like…all I could think of was something that felt real, looked honest and seemed raw. No gloss, fancy lights or action, just plain high quality matte paper with a sturdiness beyond rival.

Well, wadaya know, out came these fine Luxe Quadplex babies delivered to my doorstep with Mohawk superfine paper at three times the thickness of any ordinary business card sandwiching black in the middle.  Yes please.

Just so you know, when my real babies actually come, they will totally be getting their own photoshoots too. heh heh.

Gorgeous little thangs, ain’t they? Had to show off that ring now didn’t I?! Bling bling.

Travel Diary | Rome, Athens and Ephesus, Part Two

Yes – I’ve done it!  I have finally been to Turkey, the place and not the bird. And I finally get to blog about the second leg of our cruise around Europe from back in July. Sticking my neck off our cruise cabin’s balcony to feel the salty breeze off the coast of Chania, Crete blowing in my hair, thousands of years worth of ruins in Athens, a road made of solid marble in Ephesus, the freshest greek salad and the most fragrant gyros in Turkey were just a few of the savory morsels I can treasure in addition to these sweet photographic memories. Enjoy!

Athens, Greece

The Parthenon @ the Acropolis

First real taste of Greek cuisine – gyros and Greek Salad, which has been one of my all time favorite salads.

Chania, Crete

Pisa, Italy

Florence, Italy

Travel Diary | Rome, Athens and Ephesus, Part One

Back in July Robbie had the unforgettable experience of traveling to Rome, Athens and Ephesus all in the span of two weeks. Here is a little bit of the essence of our travels, part one. The below chronicle our time in Rome and the beautiful town of Taormina in Sicily, Italy. Stay tuned for Part 2 is coming very soon.

Spanish Steps

The Pantheon

The Vatican, St. Peter’s Cathedral

St. Peter’s Square

Messina, Sicily

Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Kusadasi Port, Turkey

Ephesus – The streets were made of marble.

The library and ancient theatre in Ephesus

Ruins of St. John’s Cathedral

St. Mary’s Home and the Wailing Wall.

At the Turkish rug shop.