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Diaries of Nepal 09 // Gloria Deo

It’s impossible to stay in Nepal without going to a concert. Christmas well spent here meant going to one. Photos above feature… Hephzebah and Benny Prasad. Thanks for an amazing time.

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Diaries of Nepal 08 // Rice Harvesting in Kaskikot, Nepal

Last month, during the Nepali month of Kartik, my adventures took me to experience the simplicity of Himalayan village life in a beautiful village hidden in the mountains of Pokhara. There in Kaskikot I was able to capture a slice of rice harvesting season in so many unimaginable ways…through friendship, sights, sounds, delicious local food and much more. These people live a simple life off the land (and not because it’s some trendy rebellion against consumerist culture). After trekking 5 hours we were rewarded by this rich culture and our friend Mohan Ji’s family’s warm hospitality.

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Diaries of Nepal 07 // Hannah

Hannah works with a group of women intent on bringing social change to the lives of those who have been exploited  by the sex trade in Nepal. Hannah represents so much hope for this generation and is dedicated to releasing freedom, life, and healing for the oppressed.

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Diaries of Nepal 06 // Finding Korea

It’s been over a month since I’ve had a taste of non-Nepali Asian food. While I’ve rarely cried at a meal, I did at this one because it was the best korean barbeque I’ve ever had, (non-beef, that is since beef is illegal to eat in this country) and because it richly reminded me so much of home, back in Los Angeles. Knit into the fabric of Nachu lies this Korean gem called On the Grill, introduced to us by our dear friend Ruth when Robbie’s boil was healing up. Korean by birth, Nepali by marriage…she knows what’s up.

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Diaries of Nepal 05 // Kokani, Nepal

A few weekends ago we had the chance of hanging out with these cool cats as we enjoyed a glimpse of the natural aspects of Nepal, away from the hubbub of city life. Into a microbus we went with two chickens, 21 people packed to the brim, and tons of laughter as we headed out on a rainy day for Kokani, home of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, situated above the clouds and smog of Kathmandu.

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