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Maya Designs 02 // Kathmandu, Nepal

Maya Designs upcoming Look Book.

All hats hand knit with love by a local Nepali artisan. Proceeds go towards the lives of at-risk, disadvantaged, or exploited women.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Goods available here:


Diaries of Nepal // Lekhnath, Nepal

Since moving to Nepal I’ve learned the real meaning of community, and actually know what a sickle is now. Cheers to Ojha family. Beautiful people.

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Travel Diaries // Chennai and Agra in India

The end of last year couldn’t have been made more complete without the help of a 10 day visa trip down to Chennai, New Delhi and Agra where we visited the Old Fort in Agra, the Taj Majal, and spent most of our time devouring local flavors in Chennai. I am forever in love with the colors and the textures I was met with.

My Chennai, Agra and Delhi photos were recently featured on Le Magnifique Blog. Truly a huge honor!

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Diaries of Nepal 11 // Nagdaha Village, Nepal

Nagdaha Village is an exquisite treasure hidden in the valley of Kathmandu. While visiting a special family here, I had a chance to capture bamboo swinging time. Each autumn during rice harvesting season the strongest, most fearless men in each village set out to build these bamboo swings for their village members and children to enjoy during Dasai and Tihar festivals by climbing to the top of a bamboo branch and fasting four heads together. The result is a marvelously fun, swing made in eastern fashion.

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Diaries of Nepal 10 // Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, some things are a little different and some things never do change. A few months ago, various circumstances brought me to a few memorable places around Kathmandu Valley among them Machapucha Village, Koteshor, and New Road.  I am so grateful for the experiences, and am changed for the better.

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