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Diaries of Nepal 17 // Kathmandu

 I’m a really strong believer in the fact that the journey is what makes us. Our journey to Nepal hasn’t always been the easiest, but it’s been an amazing one, one that we’ll never regret having.

This month marks 7 months since my original and first post featuring photos on Nepal…Kathmandu more specifically. I am excited to share Kathmandu from a different lens 7 months…or 30 weeks…or 212 days later.

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Diaries of Nepal 16 // Chapa Gao Village

The life of an artist is often unexpected but mostly it’s one big epic adventure. A short bus-ride away from Nakhipot lies Chapa Gao village. Village visits are my favorite parts of each week. Each village we visit is a window into each of the people we go to visit.  A few weeks ago we took a day to investigate this quaint little town and collect a bit of research for Rob’s project. Here’s a short glimpse into what we discovered.

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Diaries of Nepal 15 // Pokhara, Nepal

A melange of photographs from life in Pokhara, Nepal.

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Diaries of Nepal 14 // Finding Bagmara

Bagmara (or “Kill Tiger” in Nepali) is the kind of hidden gem you’d only dream about visiting, and an adventure to behold.  At one point in time a paradise where tigers were richly found and hunted by royalty, today few tigers remain in the area. One day we decided to trek out for 2 hours outside Pokhara city to visit some friends. Situated near the Seti River gorge, a small community of houses built next to the river can be found. The people who live here collect rocks for construction for a living. When we finally got to the edge of the cliff there was no other way to go except down. A pretty astonishing cliff hike, but totally worth it and wouldn’t have exchanged it for a thing.

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Diaries of Nepal 13 // Dancing with the Lights

In Nepal there’s about a hundred festivals throughout the year, but there’s one festival called “Tihar”. It’s basically a festival of lights and children go from house to house to dance in exchange for money. (Kind of like the Nepali equivalent of Halloween and Christmas). Back in November I had the amazing opportunity of capturing some of my neighborhood friends do their thing. So much thought and pride is put into what they put out. They plan their performances and traditional dress for weeks in advance. Whatever money they earn as a group is split equally among them to use as extra pocket money.

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