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Tiffany // North Hollywood, CA


Tiffany Tram is many things…a dancer, an art school counselor and a creative personality…also known as the extremely gifted floral talent behind my eco-chic engagement shoot from back in April. She is beautiful, poised, kind, and humble with a passion for change. My first introduction to her work was at Brandon & Erica’s beautiful wedding last year. Getting to catch up with this girl and capture some of her best qualities was such a treat. Enjoy.

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Erika Faye | Pasadena, CA

Erika is probably one of my favorite people to photograph. Such a wonderful day spent with this lovely lady. Media specialist by day, poet by night…Erika is a master with words and has a heart of gold, with a heart for the nations. Erika is an amazing friend and I couldn’t have asked for more. Plus, she knows how to dress! Aren’t her pink earrings just irresistible?

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With Alison | Red Balloons, Mint and a Mission

Ever since I was 7, I’ve been inspired by the silent cinematography of a 1956 classic, The Red Balloon, directed by Albert LaMorisse. And I wanted to do my own rendition of it with Alison. Thankfully, Alison made that happen. I used to watch it as a kid over and over and over again.  To tell you the truth, I still don’t understand what my fascination with that film was. The colors, the feel, the urban scape, the plot…the little misfit kid I wanted so badly to be friends with, or the fact that he saw beauty in seemingly inanimate objects or his extraordinary point of view in an ordinary world. I loved it all. Last month I had the opportunity of capturing these themed lifestyle photographs to document Alison’s senior memories. Drawing inspiration from my childhood favorite film for half of her session was like heaven kissing my forehead.

Alison is the kind of precious sweet soul you want to cherish forever and never let go of. Alison has a laugh that’s as contagious as the flu, a smile that will make you swoon, beauty that radiates to her inner being and a heart of gold. All that and a bag of cookies. Oh no, can’t stop there! She is probably one of the funnest and most creative people you will ever meet.

Enjoy this sweet session that just can’t be beat. In case you couldn’t tell…she’s just about the best model in the world, no holds barred. :) Congrats on finishing graduating university this year Alison!

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The Flush Mount Wedding Album

Just finally got my sample album for this year in the mail recently!  For all of you who have been wondering what they look like, I thought I’d do a little catwalk here of the type of albums I use. These state-of-the-art robust leather albums feel as soft as baby skin and have the smell of sheer bliss. All my studio albums are hand cut and bound state-of-the-art flush mount albums with pages printed on premium Kodak Endura paper using Noritsu and Durst professional large format printers. Each is backed with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Flush mount albums differ from regular photo books in that they are hand mounted on thick inner board with real silver halide photo paper, thus giving the book many desirable characteristics. Though the process is expensive and labor intensive these books are meant to give my clients a crafted, quality feel with sturdy pages that can not bend. I love that the .8mm thick pages lay flat with an almost nonapparent gutter that seriously can’t be rivaled anywhere else. Each album price includes photo the spreads, printing, binding, top grain leather, UV protective coating and a black presentation box.

Have fun giving your eyes a feast and feel free to get in touch with me to order an album for your past or future wedding! All album layouts are custom designed by Maritha. :-)

Hard Rock Cafe Inspired Rockabilly Photoshoot, Part 2 | Orange County, CA

Back in February I got together with with some of the best talent in Southern California to make this Hard Rock Cafe inspired shoot happen. I’m just now finally getting caught up on posting on my blog after wedding season. What I loved most out of this shoot were the details and, of course, the farm yard feel. In case you were wondering, I’ve always dreamt of living on a farm, even though Robbie and I both know that will probably never happen – ha. Anyway, enjoy the details intermittently mixed in with these beautiful girls who just made my job easier than it should have been. Enjoy!

Leaders: Matthew SavilleJessica Elizabeth and Robert TranPaul SchaeferKaylee Sizemore, Hanssie Trainor | Models: Charise Parra, Koko Laimana, Vanessa Cadeno, Shyan Bailey | MUA: Jennette Pulecio (lead MUA) and Denise Marquez | Period Hair Stylists: Shyan Bailey (lead hair stylist), David LiraJade Gallo, and Jaime Castillo | Event Styling: Kaylee Sizemore of The Tangled Vine

Thanks for stopping by! Come back next week and I’ll show you some travel diary photos  from our Italy trip.