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Mini Sessions in June


Hi guys! It’s been a long 9 months since we’ve left the states for the far away land of Nepal for a few personal projects of ours. It’s been good, it’s been hard, but mostly good and absolutely worth it. In fact, I would never trade the experience for a thing. I went to Nepal to get into new branches of work I haven’t gone into before without any promise of what would happen when I returned. Well, I’m returning in 5 days this June and hopefully, I won’t fall flat on my face.

This June I’ll be back with a boom to hit off the 2014 wedding season.

To celebrate, we’re doing a West Coast Mini tour where I’ll be throwing 30 minute mini-sessions up and down the California coast to see old friends and clients we’ve missed for the past year, and to visit the sights and sounds we’ve missed so much since we’ve been gone. We’ll be hitting up Irvine, Los Angeles and San Francisco for couples, singles and families. Plus, it’ll be a fun way to see you again!

What is a mini session? It’s a 30 minute photo session designed for couples, singles or families where I photograph you and you get to just smile and relax. Photos are delivered 2-3 weeks later on a disc for you to print out wherever you’d like.

Here is the June 2014 CA Road Trip Itinerary:

June 7-8: Bernal Heights, San Francisco

June 10: Lema Ranch, Redding, CA

June 13: Las Vegas, NV

June 14: Malibu Hills, Los Angeles

June 21: Quail Hill, Irvine

DETAILS: Each 30 minute mini session is $150.00- extra person charge after 5 people is $20.00 per person. A non-refundable payment in full is due to retain your space. Should it rain, boo! A make-up date will be scheduled.

Come join us in celebrating this joyous occasion! So who’s in?!? Email me at to reserve your spot today!

Spread the word everyone!

Jeremiah // Kathmandu, Nepal

Jeremiah is a dynamic freelance graphic designer hailing from Ohio now living in Kathmandu. I love that he gets the opportunity to work with an organization that helps children who have been victims of sex trafficking in this region. I was so honored our paths crossed and even more delighted to be asked to capture his portraits. Thank you Jeremiah for having me along!

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Maya Designs 02 // Kathmandu, Nepal

Maya Designs upcoming Look Book.

All hats hand knit with love by a local Nepali artisan. Proceeds go towards the lives of at-risk, disadvantaged, or exploited women.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

Goods available here:


Portraits of Biveck

I’ve been on a photographic journey while here in Nepal and it looks like the people portraits are here to stay. Each time I’m drawn right back to portraiture no matter how much I want to swing into landscapes. I feel like I should start a series on portraits on young people. I love the personality they show in their choice of clothes, and their boldness and overall ease in front of cameras.  There’s something to be said of each one, because each person has their own personality. I met Biveck a few months ago over Christmas and was honored to be able to capture him at this single moment in time. Thanks for having me Biveck!

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Portraits of Santosh

Santosh Chhantyal. Lead Guitarist.

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