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The Jettons // Pasadena, CA

Very rarely does Robbie join me on photoshoots but this one was one of the exceptional few. The Jettons are an amazing family. Their kids are the most precious and their parents even more astounding. I love this family so much. I am inspired by Rhodalynn’s heart for justice, her love for others and her passion for change. Their kids are the most precious..We are Judah’s best friends. My favorite part when delivering the photos was when Josiah texted me and said…”Aunty Maritha, this is Josiah. Goodbye and thanks.” The way these kids love is so amazing. Enjoy!



Playdate // Pasadena, CA

I’ve gotten to follow the life of Taylor since she was in her mother’s tummy till when she was born…up until now. Now that she is a one-year-old sassy chick with a little friend, I was so honored when her Kenyan mother, Juniah and friend, Gladys, asked me to capture these sweet memories together with their youn’ens on this fun playdate we set up in Pasadena, CA. Here are some of my favorite pics from our afternoon hanging out at Eaton Canyon.

Melissa | Great Plains Inspired Maternity Session

There are few shoots I wake up at the crack of dawn for…in fact none, except for this one. That’s right, I woke up before the cock crowed. For this shoot I was inspired by the freedom of the Great Plains Indians.  Melissa is a friend and talented photographer who carries a special place in my heart…she is wife to a loving husband, mother to the cutest little girl, and they are all expecting a baby girl any day, any moment now. Five years ago, Melissa and Micah were the first couple ever to ask me shoot an engagement for them, so it meant the world to me when Melissa asked me once again to capture these memories for them at this stage of her pregnancy. Melissa and Micah, I am beyond excited for you two !  Melissa, you make pregnancy look so good.

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The Browns | Santee, CA Golden Grassy Field

I have amazing friends. And I love taking photographs of inspirational people. The Browns are an incredible family – passionate, radical and real. They have made a positive and lasting dent on my life, a fact I will never forget. They are also one of my favorite families, so when I was asked to personally capture their photos and this opportunity arose, inspiration came so easily. So many things to love about this shoot. I love that Eddie chose to bring the purple pretty princess chair as a prop for the girls to sit on. It was a hit. I love how free these girls are. And I loved this field. I love being inspired and when my eyes took at gander at this gorgeous golden grassy field as the sun dropped over the horizon, my eyes were locked. And I love watching the love this family has for each other. Fatherly love, motherly love, and Eddie and April’s love. Sit back and enjoy.

Hanson Family | Family Maternity Session in Glendora, CA

I love capturing love. And I also love capturing the innocence of children. Probably mostly because I still feel like a kid at heart.  Last year I had the opportunity of shooting the Hansons’ family portraits right before Christmas. This year I had the honors of shooting these exciting four again plus one! Their two girls are a total trip with the kindest sweetest hearts (not to mention the best flower pickers ever). The instant I saw them, they both came running up to me with squeals of “Marifa!” Caleb and Hannah are expecting in November and I was so overjoyed to get to capture this momentous time of their lives, family style.  I love that they decided to make it a family occasion. Because I knew how important it was to them both to get photos of just the two of them also, I made sure that happened. Enjoy the love!