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Ann + Justin | Pasadena, CA Engagement

Robbie and I go way back with Justin to college revival days, spontaneous midnight prayer sets and a movement filled with fervor. To sit here 7 years later taking photographs of him and Ann is totally unbelievable.

Meaningful, yet true, Ann and Justin’s engagement was full of subtle surprises as I witnessed their love out loud.  Set at the school they met at and featuring his father’s recently restored TR3 Triumph, an assortment of global inspired travel items, and more…several symbolic details meaningful to their relationship were carefully woven in to tell of where they’d been, where they are now, and where they’ll go.

Looking back now, I realize I was able to capture a different side of these two. I believe great photography should reveal the beauty of each moment, bringing forth something that is fresh and focused yet laced with subtle surprises that capture the passion and joy of the journey. This is what I aim for in every session. So excited to capture Ann & Justin’s wedding this June! And now, a few of my favorites curated below.

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Amy + Daniel | Pasadena, CA Engagement

Amy and I go way back to the days our mothers bathed us in the same bathtub. Yes, you heard right. Don’t worry, it wasn’t just yesterday and yes, we were less than 5. There aren’t many friends I can count on my fingers that I actually can say that I grew up with. Which is so invigorating. Well, last weekend Amy + Daniel tied the knot and I wasn’t without a few tears rolling down my cheek as I watched my childhood friend walk down the aisle. I am proud of this girl for following her heart and marrying the man of her dreams. I had so much joy in capturing these. Capturing the love of old friends is so rich. I hope you’ll enjoy! A big thank you goes out to Johnny for coming alongside me for this shoot and for lending me your support and perspective!

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Hillary and Steven | Orange County, CA Native Inspired Engagement Session

Yes it’s true. Love is sweet. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a tribal rant recently and I’m beyond excited to share this Native inspired engagement session with you on the blog today. Not too long ago I got together with the lovely Britty of B Street Photo to shoot this lovely engagement session for her in the chaparral coastlands of Newport. There were so many things that were dreamy and outrageous about this day. The session was made complete with a teepee which was – yes – handmade by Britty, firefly lanterns, totally-in-love Hillary and Steven, and just about the cutest invitations to match. The day could not have been more sweet.

Invitations: Five Sparrows Design // Florals: P2 Designs

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Alyson and Jason | An Eco-Chic Inspired Engagement

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Hands down, I have the best kind of friends…who love deeply, love sacrificially and are always up for a really good time. I think I had as much fun shooting this as they had being in it. When Alyson and Jason got engaged, I couldn’t have been happier. They are hot in love, fit to a T plus they are ridiculously cute together if you haven’t been able to tell already. The shoot was inspired by pastel florals and eco-friendly elements…a wood crate table, cork letters, driftwood, and bamboo. A huge thank you goes out to Tiffany Tram for her talented florals! And of course, thank you so much Britty for your beautiful support and assistance with this shoot! I would not have been able to make this shoot happen, had it not been for the support and encouragement from someone like you.

Thanks to Glamour & Grace blog for featuring this on 6/28!

Jen and Mike | Orange County, CA Engagement Session

On a cloudy, gorgeously dreary day back in February, Jen and Mike gave me the highest honors of capturing their love for one another. Of course, the session wasn’t like any other day…it can’t be, especially when you’re peering right into the totally-in-love eyes of one of your closest friends, old college roommate and her soon-to-be husband.  Capturing this session for Jen & Mike felt like the Gardenstate soundtrack relived….effortless, emotional, blue yet so alive with freedom, movement and emotions running wild.