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Last January I obtained a brand new camera phone for Christmas, an iPhone 4s to be exact. It wasn’t exactly something I’d call “necessary” , or even something on my wish list at all because I knew how much time it would start taking from me, but how could I resist? (That was also what I said to Facebook after deleting it 5 times) I was right after all…it’s been its own little time absorber ever since and has adopted itself into the family as “MSizzle’s iPhone”. Even so, there is one thing I like to use this handy device for and that’s to keep a journal in photos of things I’ve done and places I’ve seen keeping art and composition in mind. This year I wanted to do a compilation of photos I took throughout 2012 with my little toy phone as a part of my grateful journal to reminisce. It’s been a good year….from Los Angeles to Rome and back. Enjoy these 52 photos!


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Maritha Mae Photography Awww thanks Britty!! :)

Britty I love these, they are so fun! …..and pretty :)

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