Hi. I’m Maritha. I love smiling, sailing the seven seas, enjoying other cultures and telling tales.

I have a passion for capturing powerful, meaningful photographs for people. I have always really loved remembering old times and poring over old albums…which is why I’ve committed my life to helping people remember theirs through a personalized, lyrical style.

At 12, I began my journey in photography, as an outlet to develop my own voice. Film photography eventually morphed into my love-relationship with digital. After experiencing  the bliss of marriage and falling more in love with love, I’m happy to say that I get to capture peoples’ stories through my lens by photographing natural light weddings, portraits and more. My entire wedding was planned by myself along with my posse of friends (yep…those were the pre-Pinterest days), and nowadays I’m in the business of capturing spontaneously beautiful, tangible memories to leave for others to enjoy.

Thanks for browsing my work. I am truly honored by your visit.

For further inquiry, send me a message!

With love,

C o n t a c t   M e